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Our vast knowledge of manufacturing and engineering / tooling expertise has led the way to many innovative ideas. We give our customers the competitive advantage by replacing more cost prohibitive manufacturing processes such as machining and fine-blanking. We can redesign your existing parts or help propose new designs, to help your cost-competitiveness. We welcome the opportunity to be part of your next project.

pump_orifice.jpg Orifice – Power Steering Pump
Case Study: Fulton Developed a stamped (complete) Orifice to replace a costly machined version and/or high temperature Phenolic version. There are several variations of hole sizes produced to cover a variety of pump designs and flow parameters.
abs_sensor_housings.jpgabs_housing_flange.jpg Housing / Flange – ABS Sensor
Case Study: Fulton Developed many varieties of stamped (complete) Flanges to replace costly fine-blanked parts. The skirted designs were proven to be much stronger also.
440_casing_2.jpg Casing – Solenoid (ABS)
Case Study: Fulton Developed developed a stamped (complete) Casing to replace a once stamped / machined part. This Casing features sidewalls 50% thinner than the bottom thickness and also features strict tolerances of +/-.002 [0.05mm] on wall thicknesses and the ID.
vaps_casing.jpg Casing – Solenoid (Steering)
Case Study: Fulton developed a stamped (complete) Casing w/ locating tabs. The tabs were once machined and/or trimmed in a secondary operation. The Casing features sidewalls 25% thinner than the bottom thickness and also features a shaved thru hole in the bottom of the part which is held to +/-.001″ [0.025].