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Special Purpose FLASHLIGHTS


Telecommunications light 2D-Cell right angle flashlight with the PR6 bulb. Blue and white color.


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N46  6230-00-295-2194

2-D cell waterproof inspection light with extension and 14KM bulbs. NSN # 6230-00-295-2194


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1 D-Cell PFD (personal flotation device)  waterproof light with the 458 bulb. USCG Approval 161.012/11/0. Required to have at least three year battery life . Orange body, easily attaches to life vest or jacket. Positive On/Off switch.


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103  6230-00-255-0166

1 D-Cell PFD (personal flotation device) waterproof distress marker light with a strobe bulb. USCG Approval #161.012/11/0. Three-year battery life required. Red body easily attaches to life vest or jacket. NSN# 6230-00-255-0166


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2-D cell all black heavy duty flashlight with the PR6 bulb and a yellow snap on wand.


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