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Special Purpose FLASHLIGHTS


3 D-Cell safety approved 900 series flashlight with PR7 bulb. 3-position switch. Waterproof. Orange body with black fittings.

Class II Group G and Class I Group C, D Approved

Approved for hazardous area of atmosphere containing grain dust, flour, starch, combustible plastics, hazardous vapors and gases. For use in the following explosive atmospheres only, gasoline, petroleum, naphtha, alcohol, lacquer solvent vapors, and natural gas.

This approved Fulton model contains a special “circuit breaker” spring assembly which instantly disconnects the bulb from the battery in the event of a broken bulb. A potential explosion is averted since the filament is instantly disconnected, preventing a potential spark hazard.


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Telecommunications light 2D-Cell right angle flashlight with the PR6 bulb. Blue and white color.


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N46  6230-00-295-2194

2-D cell waterproof inspection light with extension and 14KM bulbs. NSN # 6230-00-295-2194


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3 D-Cell waterproof standard service flashlight with the PR3 bulb. ASTM Approval F1014-86, Type I. Yellow body with black fittings.


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1 D-Cell PFD (personal flotation device)  waterproof light with the 458 bulb. USCG Approval 161.012/11/0. Required to have at least three year battery life . Orange body, easily attaches to life vest or jacket. Positive On/Off switch.


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103  6230-00-255-0166

1 D-Cell PFD (personal flotation device) waterproof distress marker light with a strobe bulb. USCG Approval #161.012/11/0. Three year battery life required. Red body easily attaches to life vest or jacket. NSN# 6230-00-255-0166


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2-D cell all black heavy duty flashlight with the PR6 bulb and a yellow snap on wand.


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