135 E. Linfoot St
Wauseon OH 43567

Stamping Products

Please select the product category, next to products menu, to view pictures of just a few examples of the products we manufacture.

Here is a brief list of some of our product names:

Eyelets, Sleeves, Washers, Check Valves, Brackets, Sensor Housings, Coil Housings, Seal Excluders, Dust Shields, Ring Deflectors, Cups, Ports, Housings, Spring Retainers, Spring Guides, Flanges, Clips, End Caps, Plugs, Sleeves, Terminals, Diaphragms, Bushings, Cans, Gaskets, Shims, Plates, Spring Seats, Cups, Orifice, Covers, Rings, Spacers, Thimbles, Caps, Covers, Pistons, Weights, Cases, Inserts, Contacts, Keys, Levers, Links, Clamps, Shells, Rivets, Push Cases, Tubes, Ferrules, Collars, Sockets